Why is 11.11 such a big deal?

Why is 11.11 such a big deal?


Why is 11.11 such a big deal?

11.11 is Daraz’ biggest event of the year. Daraz hosted its first 11.11 (localised version Gyara Gyara) on Nov 11, 2018. The e-commerce platform reported a sales volume increase of over 8x compared to an average day, with a monumental 3 million users on the app on a single day.

Here are the reasons why 11.11 is such a big deal:

Record-breaking discount figures

No other sale event matches up to the variety and amount of discounts being offered on Gyara Gyara, this event surpasses all Daraz events in the year. Discounts offered by brands, sellers and banks total up to record breaking numbers. In 2019, Gyara Gyara will offer Rs 50 crore worth of discount on over 8 million products.

Not just a retail event

The Gyara Gyara sale is as much about interactive entertainment as it is about retail. The sale event offers customers much more than deals and discounts. It is a fun experience with in-app gaming and multi-screen activities encouraging users to keep returning to the app. This time too, there are numerous in-app games, wallet cashback offers and one rupee deals, to keep users hooked to the app. Everyone will leave the Daraz app with something. Last year, Gyara Gyara kicked off with a highly-immersive live event which is aired on television but invites viewers sitting at home to participate using the Daraz app on their smartphones. Viewers can play in-app games along with celebrities on the show and win prizes. In-app gamification is an innovative way to engage an offline audience and is a unique opportunity available to Daraz due to the company’s access to advanced technology. This year, will be bigger and better in partnership with Jeeto Pakistan.

A global blockbuster sale event

The 11.11 sale was launched eleven years ago by Chinese tech giant Alibaba and has consistently broken records every year to become the world’s biggest sale day. In the summer of 2018, Daraz was acquired by Alibaba and launched the sale not only in Pakistan but also in four other regional countries that form part of Daraz’ ecosystem – Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Daraz is leveraging Alibaba technology to enhance services, ranging from e-payment, artificial intelligence and machine learning to automated logistics.

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