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New wave of Covid

PAKISTAN is confronting yet another wave of Covid-19, and, as per health experts, hospitals are likely to see a surge...

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Tehmoor Ali Abbasi: Pakistan’s Unsung Hero

Tehmoor Ali Abbasi is a well-known name among Pakistan’s social media users, specifically Facebook and Instagram, mainly for his welfare...

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Preparing for Monsoon

THE havoc that the recent spell of rain in Karachi unleashed, resulting in deaths of four people, including three children,...

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Pakistan must reconsider its foreign policy

Pakistan’s foreign policy must be progressive and open to rapidly changing global realities without sacrificing on values, given the country’s...

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Nearly one billion people worldwide suffer from mental illness, WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that nearly one billion people worldwide suffer from some form of mental illness. These...


Things that can be done to lessen the impact of fuel hike on our budgets

THE third hike in the petroleum products has brought unprecedented pain to the inflation-hit people. But, sadly, more pain is...

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Precautions for Eidul Azha livestock

With Eidul Azha just a month away, cattle markets have started to pop up, selling sacrificial animals. Authorities must, however,...

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Public transport woes

GIVEN a dramatic rise in fuel prices, it’s important for the state to overhaul the shambolic public transport infrastructure, especially...

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Karachi superstore blaze

A completely avoidable calamity has rendered dozens of families homeless, snuffed out a young student, and drained the Karachi fire...

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Skyrocketing food prices

NO SOONER had the citizens come to terms with the dramatic rise in fuel prices the other day, than they...