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Karachi’s water tanker mafia

THE winter season is on and the country has reportedly no dearth of water. Not for Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city...

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Pakistan plunges into darkness

The abysmal failure of the nation’s energy transmission system early on Monday, which left the entire country without power on...

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Rising Graph of Cervical Cancer in Pakistan: Cause for Grave Concern

Alarmingly, the rising number of cancer diagnosis among Pakistani women has received little attention. There is no central data or...

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Sindh LG Polls: A Ray of Hope for the Province

The second round of Sindh’s local elections finally took place on Sunday after massive commotion, despite the province government’s best...

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HDK and Development Projects Set to Change Gwadar’s Fate

Of late, the news regarding the law and order of Balochistan’s port city Gwadar did the rounds on social media....

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Clampdown on Haq Do Tehreek

It is regrettable that the state is resorting to strongarm tactics against the Haq Do Tehreek’s leadership rather than engaging...

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Silver lining

The donors’ summit in Geneva on Monday saw pledges of about $10 billion for flood recovery, which must have lent...

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Backbreaking Inflation

The PDM government’s sustained failure to control prices says a lot about the competence of its economic management team, which...

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Deplorable incident

Given the unrelenting wave of crime that has gripped Karachi, police are clearly under pressure from the public to take...

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Flood victims’ ordeal

ACCORDING to reports, the hapless population, pummeled by the devastating floods across the country, continues to suffer and is extremely...