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Abdul Rehman Khetran: Abhorrent Dishonor to Humanity


Injustice and poor law and order are two intertwined issues that have plagued Pakistani society for centuries. Injustice can take many forms, from discrimination based on race, gender, abuse, or social status to unequal access to education, healthcare, and other essential services. It can also be the abuse of power by the rich statesmen who blatantly commit crimes knowing that they will never be held accountable for it and their atrocities continue forever.

One such example is Abdul Rehman Khetran, the man on every news channel these days.

So, Who is Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran?

Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran is the Minister for Construction and Communications in Balochistan. He has been making headlines for a few days because he has been involved in three gruesome murders of a woman and young children from the same family. Khetran caught attention when the mutilated bodies of the victims were found in a well in Balochistan’s Barkhan district.

Khan Muhammad Marri, the father of the two slain boys and husband of the dead woman, claimed that Khetran kept them in his ‘private jail’ and killed them. He said that he was also the servant of Khetran but luckily, escaped from his jail. He added that the minister has three private jails where he imprisons abducted women, men, and children to use them for labor and sexual pleasure.

Well, not only that, Khan Muhammad alleged that in 2019, Khetran had detained his wife and children because they did not give testimony in a legal dispute involving Khetran and his son, Sardar Inam Khetran. They were allegedly held in Khetran’s private jail. Marri said he had been protesting against Abdul Rehman Khetran on every platform for years but no one paid attention to him. He claimed that the minister sexually abused his daughter many times.

As usual, being a corrupt politician, Khetran denied these allegations and said that he was a peaceful citizen of a pious character and no secret jails. And will he ever accept it? We all know the answer to this question.

Inam Khetran, A Real Godsend

The entire fiasco took a different turn when Inam Khetran exposed his father’s barbarity with evidence.   Inam released photos of Marri’s abducted kids, dead and alive, who were held captive against their will and forced to work there. He urged the authorities to take swift action and rescue the abducted children.

According to Inam Khetran, Khan Muhammad’s other children are still being held captive by his father. Inam alleged that Marri’s daughter is currently in a house in Barkhan, while his son is in a house in Quetta.


Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran’s Arrest

The case created a stir on social media as everybody started talking about Khetran and his disgusting activities. As people began to take notice of the event and victims shared videos on social media, Khetran’s name started to appear in the National Assembly and every trending section of social media. He was arrested and his house was raided by the police.

The people staged a sit-in protest along with the bodies in Quetta, demanding justice for the victims and for Khetran’s ministry to be taken away for horrendous crimes that he has been committing for God knows how long. A local court in Quetta has issued physical remand against Sardar Khetran for 10 days.

Let’s Not Forget Sardar Khetran’s Past

Did you know that Khetran was called to appear before the Supreme Court in November 2006? Yes, it is not the first time Khetran is in the news for his monstrosity. He was accused of forcing underage girls into marriage and kidnapping, as well as operating a private jail. His property was also searched by the police and Anti-Terrorism Force in January 2014. Sadly, Khetran and his unlawful network of detaining people managed to endure for all these years, making a mockery of the legal system, ethics, and humanity.

We know what happens to such cases. These detestable and disgusting rich men roam around freely and continue destroying the lives of innocent people. Will this stop? No, it won’t. There are many entitled monsters like Khetran in our society who continue their heinous activities under wraps and pretend to be the caretaker of the country. It is sad that people having no influential background or wealth cannot expect justice for themselves because the rich vultures out there can do anything and get away with it in a jiffy.



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