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Al-Khidmat Observes Orphan Day


It is said that as long as the father is alive, he does not feel the heat of the sun. You and I can’t imagine how the grief of not having a father would be rekindled whenever we hear the word orphan.

When passing through a toy store, the only thought that comes to mind is that even today children can’t persuade their mother, so they persuade their father to take the toy of their choice, but how come the hearts of these millions of children become so strong? They suddenly become so big that when they pass through a toy store, they look down, they don’t ask questions, they don’t even ask, because maybe they know that the one who fulfills their objections is no longer walking hand in hand in front of the world. Because of sudden disasters, war on terror, lack of public health facilities and daily accidents where thousands of people lose their lives, millions of children are deprived of the support of their families and become orphans of the society.

In Pakistan, the 15th of Ramadan is celebrated every year as the day of orphans. There are numerous organizations in the country working to support orphans. But this year, as the shadow of a global pandemic spread by a deadly virus has deepened around the world, most of the attention of charities and philanthropists is focused on the welfare of those infected with the virus. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. But in such a situation, the Al-Khidmat Foundation, which keeps the orphans informed and their support, organized a program in Karachi to celebrate this day for its orphans.

The purpose of this program is to entertain the orphans and their mothers. Talking to RAVA in this regard, Amna Malik, in-charge of this program, said that every year we conduct this program and the mothers and children who are registered with us are invited to the event and given gifts so that they feel loved and special care is taken of their self-esteem. She said that this year also we have about forty of our registered mothers and children. Fifty families have been called but could not call more children due to the code.

A woman who was there told RAVA that she has been coming here for two or three years and it feels good to be here. When RAVA spoke to another woman who was there, she said that the Al-Khidmat Foundation The children are helped and the children get gifts and the children are happy. At the event, a woman from Orangi Town said, “Thirteen years have passed since my husband passed away. We are happy with our gifts.”

According to a UN report, there are more than 5 million orphans in Pakistan, under the age of 17, and a large number of them are children who do not have access to adequate education, health and nutrition facilities. Unfortunately, the deteriorating economic situation, low income and social attitudes make it difficult for orphans to bear the burden. These children suffer from social and societal deprivation due to lack of education and proper facilities, and many even go astray. Due to lack of attention and basic facilities, their education and training becomes a question mark.

Deprivation of education, health, food and mental and physical development as well as other basic necessities is the fate of these children, but what is even more tragic is that these children have to carry tools instead of holding books, child labor. In such a situation, the distorted faces in the society use these children in heinous crimes like drugs, begging, trafficking and sexual abuse. For children living with their mothers, it is sometimes difficult and sometimes impossible to meet the expenses of the children. In this regard, the service sponsors 14,000 children and every year 15 Ramadan is celebrated as the day of orphans.

Today’s orphan will be tomorrow’s youth and the fact is that the frustrations and feelings of inferiority that a child suffers in childhood cannot be remedied. And these deprivations affect the child’s future. Therefore, it is our duty to give the orphan child, who is going to inherit the country and the nation, with maximum compassion and love. If an orphan is left homeless as a child and receives the wrong training, he or she will become a threat to his or her community rather than a useful citizen.

The care of orphans is not the responsibility of any individual or institution, but the collective responsibility of society and the nation and government. Every child has God-given abilities, all that is needed is for this orphan child to be given equal opportunities to move forward, so that he can serve the country and the nation as a useful citizen.

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