Some Healthy Addictions From All Over The World

Some Healthy Addictions From All Over The World


Flying across the entire planet, you will not only come across new people but also, you’ll find each of them having their own ‘eating’ customs on grounds of the country they belong to, and thus, the notion you all have been hearing since your childhood that ‘You are what you eat.’, will finally fit into making sense.

Has it ever occurred to you about how do the Asians manage to look younger? How the Europeans have this raw glow that most of us fail to achieve? Well, the answer to these, lie solely in the healthy addictions from all over the world that we have gathered for you:


If you embark yourself on a journey to India, you will find out that they have substituted their daily protein intake from poultry to lentils. Lentils are cheap relative to meat and are the richest source of protein and other necessary minerals useful to control the blood-sugar levels and also, to keep your heart free from all sorts of diseases.

Warm water

Travelling through the China, you will come across this particular Chinese habit, where people prefer drinking warm or room-temperature water, as it keeps the stomach healthy. Warm water helps in getting rid of the solidified fats that do nothing but make you bloated and also it keeps an eye out for the heart diseases as well. So include this habit in your daily routine; ensure to drink warm water after every meal and see it work its magic!

Good healthy fats

Surely you must’ve heard about good fats and bad fats and what effect they have on your health. En route to Japan, you will see that Japanese are gaga over fish and they consume it more than any country in the world. Fish contain good fats known as Omega-3, which are helpful in keeping your skin look younger and healthier; also, it enhances your immune system. Nonetheless, Omega-3 from Fish also prevents number of other breakdowns, with a promise of healthier and active life.

Veggies and herbs

Vegetables and herbs are high in fiber and should be included in your daily diet. On your journey to Greece, Morocco, Cyprus and Turkey, your every meal will be accompanied with a salad. Vegetables and herbs are best when mixed together into a salad and can help you maintain beauty and health, together.


Spices make your foods least boring! If you allow the Ethiopian food culture to inspire you, you will find out that they love Mustard and spices and add them in their daily meals. These spices will make you put less salt in your meals and are packed with phytonutrients that are helpful in battling Cancer.

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