Kashmir Valley: 47th day and Life Paralyzed

Kashmir Valley: 47th day and Life Paralyzed


 47 consecutive days still the normal life remains paralyzed in the occupied Kashmir valley due to continued Indian military siege.
Thousands of Indian soldiers are located in every nook and corner of the city and an atmosphere of fear is maintained there. People are not allowed to come out of their homes ae all as the military orders are to stay at home.

All markets, shops, and offices are closed. The transport is also not in function. Educational institutions are not working. Authorities have opened the schools but parents are continuing to keep their kids at home.  Presence of government workers is very less.

All mediums of communications including internet, cellular phone services remain suspended. All Television channels are also closed in Kashmir valley and Muslim majority areas of Jammu.

Beside this, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other members of his government are asked by a US court to respond within 21 days to the charge that they have illegally occupied the territory of Jammu and Kashmir. According to the Indians are committing gross human rights violations there.

On a filed complain against Modi, the action has been taken. The complaint is filed by the Kashmir Khalistan Referendum Front in a US district court, in Houston, Texas, meanwhile, Modi will address a joint rally with President Donald Trump on September 22.

The Modi-led government had illegally annexed Kashmir on August 5 in violation of international laws, complained The Front.

According to them Indian Interior Minister, Amit Shah, and another functionary, Kanwal Jeet Singh are responsible for this illegal occupation and for committing gross human rights violations in the territory.

The rights abuses include the imposition of a prolonged and unprecedented curfew, complete communication lockdown, denial of basic necessities to the inhabitants, illegal detention, enforced disappearances, torture and extrajudicial killings. 

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