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Launching ceremony of Type-054 Class Frigate for Pakistan Navy


​The launching ceremony of 3rd ship of Type-054 Class Frigate constructed for Pakistan Navy, was held at Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard Shanghai, China.

Type-054 Frigates will be one of the most technologically advanced surface platforms of Pakistan Navy Fleet, fitted with latest surface, subsurface and anti-air weapon systems. The ships will be fitted with a range of electronic warfare, air and surface surveillance and acoustic sensors integrated through state of the art Combat Management System enhancing PN Fleet’s war fighting capabilities and will strengthen Pakistan Maritime defence and deterrence capabilities. Induction of these frigates will contribute in maintaining peace, stability and power equilibrium in the Indian Ocean Region.

Pakistan Navy has contracted construction of Type 054 AP Frigates from China under a contract signed in 2017. The first –in-class Frigate was launched in August 2020, followed by Second Frigate Launching in January 2021 at Chinese Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard in Shanghai. Successful launching of 3rd Ship of the series is a testimony of deep rooted defence and diplomatic Sino-Pak relations.

Source Navy Media Affairs

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