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Pakistani women journalists seek action against Ahmad Waqass Goraya


Women journalists in Pakistan have invariably been subjected to harassment by their male counterparts. Asma Shirazi, Gharidah Farooqui, Sumaira Khan  are some prominent journalists who have had to bear the brunt of showcasing the ugly social and political realities.

Fahmidah Yousfi

A new journalist in the league who has been on the receiving end of male domination in journalism is Javeria Siddique. The journalist has reportedly decided to take action against Netherlands-based  citizen  Ahmad Waqass Goraya for harassing women journalists online.

Javeria Siddique urged people to report Goraya’s offensive and threatening messages on Twitter after the latter hurled serious changes and abuses against women journalists in Pakistan. She also asked other women journalists—Fareeha Idrees, Mehr Tarar, Gharidah Farooqi, to name a few—to file a complaint to the Dutch police.

Siddique also shared some of the unpleasant remarks of Ahmad Waqass Goraya in which he launched abuses against women journalists by calling them Prostitute’.

Sehar Shinwari, an actor and morning show host, said, “He is such a coward guy. He had to delete some of his tweets last time when I just mentioned Netherlands’ police last time.”

Maleeha Hashmey wrote, “Stay strong, Javeria! I reported him in Allah’s divine Court months ago when he attacked me in a similar nasty fashion.”

Ex-BBC Producer Dr Nazia Memon commented by saying, “Strongly condemnable. Even if he hates Pak army or hold personal grudges against women journalists, should control his language on social media. People here are more sensible and know “who is who” by trolling he’s exposing himself more.”

Given the precarious environment in which women journalists perform their professional obligations, it’s important  to formulate policies that ensure safety and security against female journalists and punitive punishments for harassers and potential sexual offenders.













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