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Wall Street Journal Recognizes Pakistan’s Smart Lockdown Strategy


Wall Street Journal, America’s leading newspaper, has acknowledged Pakistan’s efforts for the containment of coronavirus and said that in Pakistan where the coronavirus was spreading swiftly two months ago, the situation has now changed dramatically and the number of patients and deaths has dropped to a whopping 80%.

The newspaper published a special report on Pakistan’s corona control measures, praising Pakistan’s efforts to contain the pandemic.

The Wall Street Journal writes that corona wards in Pakistan’s major cities, including Karachi, Pakistan’s largest and most virus-infected city, where there were a large number of corona-infected patients, are now running out of patients.

The newspaper says that in the last two months, the number of patients undergoing treatment in the country’s hospitals has sharply decreased, while the number of patients on ventilators in Karachi has decreased by less than half in a month.

The American newspaper reported that Prime Minister Imran Khan had opposed the lockdown in spite of the WHO’s warning and described the effects of the lockdown as serious and dangerous. The government’s smart lockdown policy, however, has had a positive impact, while Pakistan’s neighbors India and Iran continue to be badly affected by the coronavirus.

The newspaper writes that a resource-rich country like the United States is still struggling with the virus, with 4.7 million infected patients and 157,000 deaths.

It should be noted that the situation of the coronavirus in Pakistan’s neighboring countries, India and Iran, is becoming increasingly disturbing. Despite the lockdown in India, the number of cases of Covid-19 has risen to 1.8 million cases and the death toll has jumped 38, 161.

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