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5 TV shows you must binge-watch during lockdown


Lockdown has confined people to their four walls. Social life has taken a back seat and boredom hits really bad. During these uncertain times, TV shows have been a huge support. As much as you believe that you have watched every possible show out there, we are certain that is not true.

We will give you a list of 5 compelling TV shows that you must binge-watch during the COVID-19 lockdown and keep yourselves entertained, have a good laugh, and stay hooked to your screens.

1.    Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a different take on modern technology and how it can backfire the lives of people. Every episode comes with a different story that is based in technology-stricken reality and shows how characters are battling with the problems technology may have thrown their way.

Available on Netflix

Drama, Sci-fi, Thriller

2.    Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is an animated show based on tragicomedy. A horse actor, Bojack is a protagonist who has been in a pit of sadness for a long time. He is a little self-destructive with the alcoholic nature and egoistic personality that affects him and his relationships.

Available on Netflix.

Adult animation, Comedy-drama, satire

3.    Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek is a light-hearted TV show where an extremely rich family of Johnny Rose is forced out of their homes and left broke. They are sent to live in a rural locality, Schitt’s Creek Johnny once bought as a joke.


Available on Netflix

4.    Queen’s Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit is a period drama miniseries where a child prodigy Elizabeth Harmen works her magic on the chessboard and shocks the world when she defeats the master of the chess world in the final match.

Period drama

Available on Netflix

5.    The Crown

The show is based on the royal family of Great Britain. The show highlights Queen Elizabeth 2 who has just got married. It shows how the British Empire is going down the hill and what happens when a young woman earns the throne.

History, Drama

Available on Netflix

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