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Dance Junction is a great platform for emerging dancers:WahabShah


Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized a two-day “Dance Junction” at Karachi Arts Council. The dance junction was organized in collaboration with renowned choreographer and dancer Wahab Shah. Various dancers from Karachi participated in the program.

The artists performed their art on the occasion. Leading choreographer Wahab Shah, Head of Arts Council Karachi Dance Academy Mani Chaw and renowned choreographer Abdul Ghani were present on the jury were included. On the occasion, Wahab Shah said that we are grateful to the President Arts Council Ahmed Shah for providing us a platform to showcase the talents of newcomers. ۔

The main purpose of this program is to enable artists who do not get a chance to perform their art to take advantage of it. Mani Chaw, Head, Arts Council Karachi Dance Academy said that after the Corona epidemic, many sectors were affected. Dancers also faced difficulties there. We are grateful to President Ahmed Shah for allowing us to reach out to artists who intend to do something in this field.

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