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Mahira Khan expresses gratitude for completing 10 years in the industry


Recently, the VJ turned actor, Mahira Khan has completed ten years in the entertainment industry. The Bol actor took her Instagram and expressed gratitude to her fans for their constant love and support for 10 years. She expressed that she bows her head to every for the magical journey she has had and continues to have.

Khan posted a video of fan art and wrote, “So, I completed 10 years in this industry as an actor two days back. My film Bol and my drama serial Neeyat released on the same day on the 24th of June 2011. There have been many ups and downs, there have been moments of feeling broken and alone, and moments of feeling elated but my fans have been there rock-solid, behind me. My constant. I am so grateful for the love. I promise to work harder, I promise to give back. I promise that your love won’t go in vain. So much love, always.”

The fellow actor congratulated her and showed her the love. The actor, Ayeza Khan wrote long notes to appreciate Mahira Khan for representing Pakistan in the world.

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