Mahira Khan leaves a follower speechless

Mahira Khan leaves a follower speechless


The world is going through a tough time. Covid-19 has shivered the whole world. So, in order to coup up with this situation local and international stars feel the responsibility of making their fans and the world aware about how to prevent this devastating disease.

Pakistani celebrities are sharing their videos to raise awareness among their fans and inform them that they should take some precautionary steps to control the situation. To stop the outbreak, all major cities are completely shut down for 14 days. Everyone is posting pictures, videos to urge their followers to stay home, over and over again.

Just like other celebrities, the super star Mahira Khan felt the responsibility of doing so too so she took to her Instagram and uploaded a video telling the precautionary measures needed to combat this virus.

Mahira Khan is one of Pakistan’s top stars. She has a huge nationwide and international fan base. Like other celebrities, she made a video to share with her fans some dos and don’ts which are important for this crucial situation. Washing hands, maintaining social space and not creating panic is something that everybody is telling in general.

While there were hundreds of people who were endorsing her, she encountered some negative comments too. She usually doesn’t respond to negative comments but she actually responded to one of the comments and left the girl speechless. Under the video of Mahira one of a girl wrote, “These all you so-called celebs do, just talk and write. How much have you taken out of your bank to help some of those in need?”

Mahira Khan, being a powerhouse, gave the girl’s comment an impressive response and message and left the girl speechless. She replied to her comment and said, “should I show you? Because if I do you will say something else about how one should not show what they do. You and the likes are not ones we need to prove anything to. At least in these times stop being negative. It is time to be good, kind, less judgmental… we have been given this chance. Let Him be the judge. Take care”.


And we think Mahira’s reply was legit. What ya all think?

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