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Momal Sheikh Blessed with A Baby Girl


The rumors turned out to be true – Pakistani actress Momal Sheikh is blessed with a baby girl, Alyeha Nader Nawaz. The Sheikh family has been giving us good news one after the other in the recent days.

A Bit About Momal Sheikh

Momal is not just an actress but also a producer. One of her productions was Wujood (in 2018), with her father Javed Sheikh. She has been on numerous television series in the past.

Previously, we loved seeing her in Happy Bhaag Jayegi in 2016 in which she acted as Zoya. Momal has been a very successful actress, but she rejected her next film “Naach” due to her pregnancy. Before this, she had featured in many hit series like Miratul Uroos, Zara, Mehrunissa, and Mujey Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai. We also saw her hosting the Sama morning show – “Subha Sawerey Sama Ke Sath.”

We all loved her and are hoping she will be back on the screen soon – perhaps she may consider coming in films to pick up from where she left off.

Momal Sheikh got married to a non-showbiz person, Nader Nawaz in 2012. The couple was blessed with a son named Ibrahim.

In a recent post Momal announced the arrival of her baby girl. His son Ibrahim kisses her baby sister Alyeha Nader Nawaz in a recent post on Momal’s Instagram account. The brother is super happy at her little baby sister’s arrival.

According to numerous reliable sources, both the mother and baby are healthy and doing great. For more updates on Momal Sheikh and her daughter, stay tuned.

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