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Never-Ending Action, Glamorous Spy Thriller, Massive Box Office Collection: Is Pathaan Worth it?  


Shahrukh Khan’s Pathaan has taken the world by storm as the movie earned over INR100 crore internationally on the opening day. The action thriller by Siddharth Anand starring Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham in the lead ignited a lot of controversy after the release of its song ‘Besharam Rang’. However, after the release, the number of movie watchers grew tenfold as a huge crowd turned up for the love of King Khan.

Pathaan Review

Let’s face it, Shahrukh Khan is a brand now that runs successfully at the box office no matter what. Is that the case with Pathaan as well?

Pathaan has everything you want in an action thriller: James Bond-ish stunts, a handsome spy thriller out there to save the world, slow-motion entries, a gorgeous intelligence agent, and whole a lot of drama. It is the first blockbuster movie of 2023 and marks Khan’s ‘comeback’ to Hindi movies after four long years.

The plot revolves around Pathaan (Shahrukh Khan), the bravest and coolest former RAW agent who has been on a sabbatical but is taken on board for a high-profile case of an international terror organization known as Outfit X led by Jim (John Abraham). Jim has been killing people and committing atrocities and along with his attractive partner and an ISI agent, Rubai (Deepika Padukone), he engages in the game of betrayal and revenge and put the world at risk.

The highlight of the movie is the cameo of Salman Khan as his famous character ‘Tiger’ from Tiger Zinda Hai. His appearance in the movie alongside SRK was met with the loudest applause and cheers especially during the scene when Pathaan was mercilessly beaten by the enemies and Tiger appears out of the blue and saves him leaving the audience crazy. The Karan and Arjun reunion is an iconic whistle moment! The two big stars collaborating after ages had movie watchers jump off their seats out of excitement.

John Abraham’s performance is brilliant as he is classified as the villain stealing the show from the hero. John-SRK’s chemistry firing up with great energy in a high-in-power action sequence is surely a winner. Khan is always been known as the King of Romance in the Bollywood industry but Pathaan proved to be new territory for him as an action hero.

Deepika-SRK chemistry is quite underwhelming as it lacks the sparks we have seen in their previous movies. The audience is mostly all praises for the John-SRK duo as compared to Deepika and her. Deepika’s character could have added more value to the script but it was all about the double-crossing, morally confused agent that lacked a lot of gravitas.

Even with the average script and overwhelming visual effects, the film became subpar as Khan’s appearance rescued the movie from a mediocre plot. With amazing VFX that was made to be more like a Hollywood-level film, the movie has some psychological flaws but SRK delivered a performance that somehow compensated for it.

All in all, Pathaan is roaring in the world! The movie that was expected to be a flop before its release hit the jackpot, keeping all the noise and controversies aside. It reflects the heroism and patriotism of Khan’s character with bravado on the display. The rest of the movie kind of floated on Khans’ superiority but the return of the SRK after four years was worth the wait for all SRK fans.

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