Royal Family Can Sue Netflix Over Negative Portrayal in ‘The Crown’: Lawyers


Netflix’s popular show portraying the British royal family wreaked havoc as the royal family has been advised that they can sue Netflix for depicting their life events in a negative light. The fifth season of the show is being filmed across the UK which is set to release the next year. The friends of the royal family sought legal advice from the lawyers of Queen Elizabeth. The sources had earlier revealed the series would be controversial as it is going to unveil events that many people are not aware of.

Earlier, the royal author Hugo Vickers stated that Prince Philip hated the show and it made him quite upset for how his father was portrayed in the show. He added, “I think the whole thing should be canceled, but it’s not going to be. The whole thing’s just going to go ahead. They couldn’t care less. They’re picking away at tragedy. They did the death of the Queen’s equerry Major Hugh Lindsay. The widow on that occasion was pretty upset. It’s horrific what they’re doing, entirely to damage the Royal Family. If you think that’s how the monarchy behaves there would be no justification having it.”

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