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Turgut Alp to join Shahid Afridi, Waseem Badami on Eid


Ever since prime minister Imran Khan suggested Pakistanis watch Resurrection: Ertugrul, the Turkish drama has been dubbed in Urdu-language and aired on PTV.

People got hooked to the series and it was like the whole country fell in love with it.

From its storyline, fights, heroes to villains, everything is absolutely loved by the audience and they couldn’t stop talking about it.

People also started idealizing the characters, especially Turgut Alp.

The hot news is that Waseem Badami and Shahid Afridi will host the much-beloved figure Turgut Alp, aka Cengiz Coskun, from Dirilis Ertugrul, on Eid’s third day.

The news was confirmed after a video message by Cengiz Coskun went viral on social media. In the video, Coskun announced that he was excited for this Eid as he was going to be hosted for a special Eid show.

He said, “Are you excited for Eid? I am excited for it. I am looking forward to collaborate with Lala Afridi and Waseem Badami.”

No wonder, Pakistanis’ desperation knows no bounds after Coskun’s announcement, and they are more than excited to watch the show. Are you?

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