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Kindness Personified: Karachi Man Sells Fruits at Unbelievably Low Price


In this age of backbreaking inflation, which has made even people from high-income brackets tighten their belt, life for an ordinary Pakistani living on the margins is nothing short of a veritable hell.

While the prices of daily essentials such as rice, flour, and pulses have gone through the roof in the last few months, fruits have also become a luxury, especially in the holy month of Ramzan, with the poor left with no other option but to forgo this key commodity that is the major source of energy and nutrition after a long day of fasting.

But amid the air of despondency, there are some individuals who go to any length to justify their purpose of existence by bringing a modicum of relief in the lives of the inflation-stricken people for whom even survival has become a colossal challenge.

No wonder, with their empathetic, humanitarian acts, they are not only garnering the applause of the citizens, but are also reaping the Almighty’s copious blessings, especially in the sacred month.

Mustafa Hanif, a well-known social activist, is one such individual, who is the true personification of compassion and kindness.

The gritty young man from Karachi has set a high precedent of service to humanity by providing otherwise costly fruits to the poorest of poor at the cheapest price possible: Rs 10 per kg!

More hearteningly, unlike other people who tend to hop on the charitable bandwagon as a publicity gimmick only during Ramzan, Hanif, to one’s delight, has been selling fruits on the streets of Karachi for the last three years.

He is the manager of Mustafa Hanif Trust, a charitable organization established in his name and under the banner of this organization.

However, a few days ago, a very unpleasant incident occurred at his cheap fruit supply stall, where the mob broke in and stole all the fruits.

Even this ugly episode did not deter his passion, and the following day, Hanif, with a renewed vigor, set up a stall selling cheap fruits nearby and began helping people.

To his credit, more than 500 families benefit from this cheap fruit package every day.

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