Heavy rains in Karachi meet choked drains

Heavy rains in Karachi meet choked drains


As every year, the arrival of the monsoon rains in Sindh is likely to wreak havoc on streets of the metropolitan city, with more than 550 rain gutters lying clogged with garbage piles across the city.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) prediction, 20 per cent more rainfall is predicted over the current season compared to previous years. Due to insufficient drain maintenance, it is believed that major highways and much of the city’s areas will be clogged.

The monsoon season’s first spell started on Monday, and is forecast to continue until today (Thursday). Within three days, many of Karachi’s main streets have become overflowing with accumulated water, making life a living hell for residents , especially those who have to drive from one place to another.

There are 550 rain drains in the city, small and large. The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) is responsible for cleaning the 38 major drains, while the maintenance of the remaining 512 small drains is the responsibility of Karachi ‘s six district municipal corporations (DMCs).

Each year before the monsoon season the KMC and the six DMCs partly clean the drains with their limited resources.

Nevertheless, this year, the Sindh government did not provide the KMC with funds and took up the task of cleaning up the drains. Last week the government started sweeping up the 38 main drains in collaboration with the World Bank.

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