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Jhaur War of 1971: A Dark Year in Pakistan’s History


Jhaur War of 1971 recognizes the need to examine these myths and reveal the truth about the events surrounding the war. The documentary seeks to revive memories with facts and objective analysis, as well as exposing previously unknown information, to give us all a better historical and accurate narrative. It exposes some of the blatantly incorrect notions that have been propagated over time through manipulation and foul play on the part of the Indian press.

The fact that we lost the East wing of Pakistan fifty years ago still haunts us today. However, despite the passage of five decades, circumstances surrounding the events in East Pakistan (today’s Bangladesh) are still shrouded in mystery. The three nations involved in the tragedy—India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh—cling to their own specific versions of what remains one of the most defining events in the history of South Asia.

The documentary also unravels the international political machinations played on the soil of Pakistan while portraying an impartial analysis of an unfortunate string of events well before the war that eventually led to the separation of East Pakistan.

There is no disputing that one of Pakistan’s darkest chapters is kept alive and rekindled every year to perpetuate hostility between the people of Pakistan and Bangladesh. The documentary is a well-thought-out attempt to acknowledge certain facts, allowing the people of both nations to conciliate and find a way to move forward.

That the 1971 war was a tragic event that resulted in the disintegration of the country and the loss of thousands of lives goes without saying. Pakistan viewed India’s intervention in East Pakistan as a violation of its sovereignty and was forced to defend its territory. However, the war ended in defeat for Pakistan, leading to significant political and economic consequences.

JHAUR is a multi-part documentary series based on the 1971 India-Pakistan war. Through exclusive interviews of eyewitnesses, authors, politicians, war veterans, and rare archival footage, the documentary series traces in detail the first-account narratives outlining the reasons as well as events leading up to the Indian-sponsored rebellion in East Pakistan, with the eventual creation of an independent state of Bangladesh.

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