Facebook, again in the spotlight for security problems

Facebook, again in the spotlight for security problems


The platform mistakenly changed the default publishing settings from private to public for up to 14 million users as of May 18. Facebook began to repair the error on May 22.

A computer error in Facebook systems meant that publications made by millions of users that were destined for a select group of recipients ended up being in the public domain, the company reported today (07.06.2018). The error occurred between May 18 and 27 and affected about fourteen million users.

The company reversed what happened by changing the privacy settings of the publications affected during that period, in a process that took five days. The privacy director of Facebook, Erin Egan, said in a statement that the problem was solved and that the social network was asking all those affected to review the publications they made while the error was active.

“We apologize”

“We apologize for this error,” said Erin Egan. “We have fixed the issue and as of today we are letting all those affected know and asking them to review their publications that they made during that period,” he added.

The firm did not clarify the reason why this problem was registered, which is known months after the scandal that arose from the use of data from millions of users by the British consultancy Cambridge Analytica.

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