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Top 12 Shopping Malls in Pakistan


Everyone enjoys shopping, and they admire the stores that carry their favorite brands. In Pakistan, malls are among those places where people treasure, revel and have fun with their loved ones. Shopping centers are like a utopia for compulsive buyers.

Every major city has a central retail mall, which is a popular destination for both locals and visitors. Despite the recent rise in internet shopping due to the technology revolution, shopping centers continue to hold a unique allure for consumers.

Additionally, almost all such shopping malls boast facilities such as hotels and restaurants for families and shopaholics who frequently visit or plan trips.

In this blog, we are going to highlight some of the best—and biggest—shopping malls from Pakistan’s three major cities: Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore.

Lucky One Shopping Mall

Legions of people flock to what is both Pakistan’s and South Asia’s largest shopping avenue. The magnificent atrium gives out warm, royal emotions that make visitors feel as though they have arrived at the most amazing mall in the entire planet.

Being the largest mall in Pakistan, you can find all manner of amenities there, including branded stores, restaurants both inside and out, a spacious gaming area, and branches of every bank.

The Centaurus Mall Islamabad

The visit to Islamabad is considered scanty if one doesn’t visit The Centaurus Islamabad. It has become a unique blueprint of the capital after the grand Faisal Mosque. Located at the most prime location of Islamabad with the 26 highest floors lures many visitors daily.

Moreover, the top amenities like the fun city, modern Cineplex, and aromatic restaurants distinguish it from all other shopping malls in Islamabad.

Amazon Mall Islamabad

Amazon Mall is the first mall with a rainforest motif in Pakistan. It serves as a one-stop shop for clients looking for designer goods and strives to make shopping enjoyable by offering the best indoor setting and amenities. Amazon Mall is a remarkable feat of contemporary architecture and civil engineering that was built to resemble a ship.

The six-story mall has a swimming pool, upmarket fitness centers, cutting-edge theatres, international eateries, energizing cafes, and top-tier branded shops. Similar to Malaysia’s Pavilion Mall, Amazon mall is the first-ever themed mall in Pakistan.

Giga Mall Islamabad

Giga Mall Islamabad is a renowned, award-winning shopping destination that satisfies all of your specific and personalized desires. It provides a great retail mix together with top-notch leisure and entertainment options. The Giga mall, which launched in 2016, has grown to be Islamabad’s biggest and most spacious shopping destination. Every shopaholic is drawn to the Giga mall off the Grand Trunk Road since it houses more than 200 national and international brands under one roof.

Simply put, the mall allows you to immerse yourself in an endless shopping experience.

Imtiaz Mall Islamabad

Now situated on Grand Trunk Road in the center of DHA Phase II is the famed Imtiaz mall Rawalpindi. Imtiaz Retail Mall in various Pakistani megacities also houses twelve renowned shopping centers.

It is well known for its unique retail offerings and is expanding its retail strength across all of Pakistan’s cities.

Ocean Mall Karachi

As thousands of people visit a shopping space each day, parking is the first concern you have when you visit any mall. The Ocean retail Centre features a multi-layered parking system where you may conveniently park your car to prevent this bother.

A mother area and a room just for the drivers round out the vast list of ultra-modern facilities with a special touch.

Boulevard Mall Hyderabad

Boulevard Mall in Hyderabad has transformed the shopping experience for millions of visitors each year since it first opened its doors in 2016. The luxurious shopping mall is a national and international tourist destination that draws people from across Hyderabad for entertainment, dining, and shopping.

In Hyderabad, shop to your heart’s content at this wonderful shopping center. Eat, entertain, and have an experience like no other. You may find anything you want at this shopping destination at your convenience.

Avenue Mall Lahore

The panoramic lift, large atrium, extensive parking, high-end stores, traditional and international cuisines, restaurants, and a play area for children are some of this mall’s distinctive features in Lahore.

If you visit this mall, you won’t want to leave because it offers an unforgettable shopping experience right in the middle of Lahore.

The Atrium Mall Karachi

Atrium Mall is located in the downtown of Karachi, Saddar. It is the first mall of its kind in Pakistan and features a sumptuous food court, a 3D multi-screen movie complex, more than 100 retail brands, and entertainment venues.

The mall offers valet parking for customers and has central air conditioning. The place also houses i PlayPod, a play area for younger children, and GHQ, a gaming area.

Emporium Shopping Mall Lahore

In the heart of Johar Town, the Emporium Mall Lahore features more than 300 national and international brands. You may spend time with your loved ones while enjoying the best of everything under one roof. A project of Nishat, renowned for its commitment to excellence, has ventured into this mammoth shopping mall.

Dolmen Mall Lahore

Dolmen Mall, where you may shop conveniently and without a hassle, was built to international standards. With your loved ones, you can enjoy the unforgettable moments of your life at the delectable cafes and restaurants.

Additionally, the play areas and movie theatres in the Dolmen offer hours of fun and entertainment.

Millennium Mall Karachi

Built in 2000, Millennium Mall Karachi offers cutting-edge features with seven functional floors. The mall measures roughly 350,000 square feet and has a wide selection of goods for men, women, and kids, including both national and international brands. The mall also has a 30,000 square foot space set aside for entertainment and sports, complete with a movie theatre, food court, and play area.


Overall, we can conclude that Pakistan’s major cities all have distinctive shopping centers. Anyone can visit these retail malls which are perfect places for social meetings, hangouts, food lovers, shopaholics, cinephiles, and game geeks.

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