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Casualties, Damage Feared in Tsunami-Hit Tonga


Tsunami-hit Tonga was virtually unreachable due to lost phone and internet links, leaving the family in far-flung New Zealand praying for their loved ones on the Pacific islands. A volcano erupted in Tonga that ignited the tsunami waves of 1.2 meters. The evacuation orders on the shores of Tonga were immediately ordered as the clips of destructive waves rolling into coastal homes circulated on social media. No reports of major casualties or damages have been reported so far due to the limited communication in the area. Due to the loss of cables, most of the Tongans have been unable to make phone calls abroad.

The satellite images captured the imaged of the volcanic eruption as the sky in Tonga was darkened by the ash. The smoke was seen 12 miles above sea level. The concern started to grow in the Tongan community of New Zealand. Moreover, New Zealand and Australia send military surveillance flights to Tonga to assess the damage in the country.

Maikeli Atiola, the Secretary of the Wesleyan Church of Tonga in Auckland stated, “We pray God will help our country at this sad moment. We hope everybody is safe.”

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