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Helping Hand: Pakistan Offers Humanitarian Assistance to Afghanistan


A friend indeed!

Pakistan has dispatched food and medicine in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, which is faced with food shortage and famine. During these trying times, Pakistan has vowed to stand by the war-ravaged country by offering extensive support in virtually every field. From forming an inclusive government to evacuating Afghans from the country, and delivering essential health supplies, Pakistan has been at the forefront.

The capital of Pakistan has promised to continue its support to help Afghanistan in every possible manner in crucial circumstances as the international community has pledged to play a vital role in resolving the Afghan crisis.

Pakistan has also called the international community to indulge in Afghan assistance and not to abandon the war-scarred country in a time of crisis.

Earlier, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) was transported to the war-torn neighboring country provided by the health essentials by the World Health Organization (WHO). The Pakistan foreign office confirmed that three C-130s were sent to Afghanistan for this purpose, adding that the supplies will continue through land and air routes.

Do you think Pakistan’s efforts for peace in Afghanistan will positively impact the region?

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