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‘Live With Virus’: Australia Extends Lockdown for Three More Weeks


The Australian authorities have extended the lockdown for three more weeks with the aim to ‘live with the virus’. The country now emphasizes the rapid vaccination drives to lessen the number of cases to zero. Once 70% of the adults in the state receive at least one dose, the restrictions will be eased. Considering the current vaccination rates, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews aimed to reach this goal by September 23.

In Victoria, the local cases have hiked up to 120 from 76. Out of 120, 100 have mingled within the community while being infected. Andrews admitted that it is a very painful time and difficult work but the authorities are working hard to conquer this battle.

Moreover, the Neighbouring New South Wales state has decided to completely vaccinate 70% of the population aged 16 and above by the mid of the next month as the outbreak has surged.

Andrews told that 37% are fully vaccinated in the state and 67% have received at least one dose. New South Wales has witnessed a reduction in the cases from a total of 1,164 cases to now 1,116.

According to the prime minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, the lockdown would ultimately have to be lifted as the country can live with the virus.

Do you think Pakistan should also adopt this approach to control the virus spread?


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