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Ramadan Calendar 2022 in Pakistan, Sehri and Iftar Time Schedule


Ramadan is the month to gather the Almighty’s many blessings. No wonder, then, we Muslims look forward to this blessed year all year round. The love, warmth, patience associated with this holy month are simply amazing.

It goes without saying that the charm of the Ramzan celebration in Pakistan doesn’t feel the same in other parts of the world.  The ritual traditions, preparation of iftar, distributing iftar to the neighborhood, going to masjid regularly for prayers and Taraweeh, observing i’tikaf, and more are some of the great features of the fasting month.

So, here we are going to talk everything about this month, from Ramzan 2022 calendar to moonsighting, and everything in between.

Ramadan 2022 Calendar Dates and Timings in Pakistan

The beginning of Ramadan is subjected to moonsighting. The ninth month of the Islamic calendar lasts 29 to 39 and due to the lunar calendar, the celebrations and holidays can’t be predicted with certainty. The visibility of the moon depends on many factors such as the clear sky.

It is predicted that Ramadan 2022 in Pakistan will start on 2nd April and end on the evening of 2nd May. And Eid-ul-Fitr is likely to be celebrated on the 3rd of May. With Covid-19 restrictions almost lifted, it’s hoped that the mosques will be full of the faithful this year.

Faisalabad Ramadan Calendar 2022

Faisalabad ramadan calendar 2022

Karachi Ramadan 2022 Calendar 2022

karachi ramadan calendar 2022

Lahore Ramadan 2022 Calendar 2022

lahore ramadan calendar 2022

Peshawar Ramadan 2022 Calendar 2022

Peshawar Ramadan Calendar 2022

Multan Ramadan 2022 Calendar 2022

Multan Ramadan Calendar 2022

Quetta Ramadan 2022 Calendar 2022

Quetta Ramadan Calendar 2022

What to look for in Ramadan 2022 in Pakistan?

Overseas Pakistanis long to spend their Ramzan in Pakistan. As Ramzan 2022 calendar shows that the holy month is around the corner. Let’s talk about some of the things that we are looking forward to in Ramadan 2022 in Pakistan.

1. Deliciousness of Iftar

When we fast for 15 to 16 hours in the blazing heat of summer, the best part is breaking the fast with dates and indulging in a variety of delicacies like samosas, pakoras, fruit chaat, Rooh Afza, and much more.

2. Togetherness

You can never deny the blessings that come in the form of togetherness during this month. This is the month when no matter how busy you are you sit together with your family and religiously have a meal together. This is the most heart-warming part about Ramzan 2022 in Pakistan. Undoubtedly, the Almighty also adds his barakah during this month.

3. Charitable Causes

Ramadan is also largely associated with giving to the needy and the poor. For this, people start charity drives where they donate the necessities to the needy not only in Pakistan but in some crisis-hit countries too. They distribute iftar, zakat, clothes, and make other donations in the month. This generosity is one of the beautiful things we always look forward to seeing in Ramadan 2022 in Pakistan.

4. Anticipation of Eid

As Ramadan nears the end, we gear up for Eid-ul-Fitr’s preparations. Purchasing new dresses and jewelry, decorating homes, rushing to salons, and more are the key features of Eid preparations, particularly in Pakistan.

The Bottom Line

Ramadan 2022 calendar shows that the month is just around the corner. This is our chance to ask for repentance to Allah and gather His countless bounties and blessings. May God help us practice piety, abstinence, and discipline during this month.


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