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The orphans of the Islamic State: the impressive stories that emerge from the last stronghold of the militant group

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, says that the self-styled Islamic State lost 100% of its territory, although the Syrian Democratic Forces...

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World Water Day: Addressing Global Water Scarcity

World Water Day is observed every year on March 22 to highlight the importance of water. We are all aware...

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What is the origin of Women’s Day (and why it is commemorated on March 8)

March 8 is a highlight date in multiple parts of the world. International Women’s Day is celebrated , formalized by the United...

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2018 is officially the year of Natural Disasters (Rava Special Report)

Natural disasters around the world are occurring at an alarming rate in 2018. Every few weeks, we’re witnessing earthquakes that demolish whole...

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A History of Character Assassination of Women during Elections in Pakistan

The rise of women leaders and activists in Pakistan has been accompanied with a rise in attacks on women’s characters;...

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Disappearing Natural World – Creatures we fear our grandchildren wouldn’t see

The creatures and places we feared our grandchildren wouldn’t see have vanished: it’s happened faster than even pessimists predicted. It...

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A new Shaheen Emerged: PAF raises new JF-17 squadron at Samungli

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Air Force on Wednesday raised a new multirole fighter squadron equipped with JF-17 Thunder aircraft, said a press...

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Are you Feeling Ugly? The Nightmare of living a life obsessed with your Appearance

We unexpectedly catch sight of ourselves in a mirror and, in an instant, are thrown into despair: the odd nose,...

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“Used, abused and raped”: women exploited in Syria in exchange for humanitarian assistance

There are women in Syria who are being sexually exploited by men in charge of delivering humanitarian assistance from the...

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Social Inequality: A Global Problem

Social inequality is not a law of nature. Five measures could reduce the gap between rich and poor. The good news...