New HIV test gives almost immediate response

New HIV test gives almost immediate response


Porto or not HIV? A drop of blood on a test strip, and the result is in 20 minutes. But this new test is only reliable if it is done after six weeks from the last sexual intercourse.


The rapid test to determine if the HIV virus is present in the human organism has passed its fire test. This year you can buy it in the German pharmacies. “The self-test to check or rule out the presence of acquired immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in the body is a simple and safe test,” said Norbert Brockmeyer, director of the Center for Sexual Health and Medicine in the city of Bochum.

En Alemania se estima que hay 13.000 personas portadoras del VIH que no saben que lo son. Al no saberlo, no solo están arriesgando su salud, sino también la de otras personas, ya que esa infección puede transmitirse a otros a través de relaciones sexuales sin protección. Toda relación sexual sin preservativo con una persona portadora del VIH, o de quien no sabemos si es portadora, es de riesgo. Eso incluye las relaciones sexuales vaginales, anales y, aunque la posibilidad de transmisión es menor, también el sexo oral.

However, still many do not dare to have a laboratory blood test, for example, in a doctor’s office, to check if they are HIV positive, because they are afraid to know the result. But, once that result is positive, it is difficult to ignore it and it is necessary to take certain measures. What’s more: the sooner such measures are taken, the more chances there are of being better.

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

A second test is always necessary

HIV self-testing is as reliable as blood tests done by the doctor or in a hospital, explains Brockemeyer. “In general, the results are very safe. But it can also happen, as with any other test, that a false positive result is reached. All the analyzes have a certain margin of error. In other words, it is not 100 percent certain that someone with an HIV positive result really has the virus in their system. ” 
That is why Brockmeyer urgently recommends a second test with another system, as far as possible, in the doctor’s office. a doctor or an AIDS care office.

People who should have regular laboratory blood tests or, soon, rapid HIV self-testing at home, are those who have sex with a high risk of infection- “But it is important to know that it can not be done the test on the same day that they had sex. If a negative result is obtained that day, it does not mean that the person has not been infected with HIV “, stresses Brockmeyer, since only a reliable result will be obtained after six weeks from the last sexual intercourse, since before the virus It is undetectable. Despite this, the expert points out that the AIDS self-test “is a milestone” in the detection and treatment of this disease.


The goal 90-90-90

To reduce the number of infections caused by the human immunodeficiency virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) set several goals until 2020: 90 percent of HIV positive people should know that it is: “That’s not yet we have achieved it in Germany, but we are on the right track, “says Brockmeyer.

Dr. Norbert Brockmeyer, director of the Center for Sexual Health and Medicine, Bochum.Dr. Norbert Brockmeyer, director of the Center for Sexual Health and Medicine, Bochum.

Likewise, 90 percent of all people who know they are positive must undergo treatment: “We are about to achieve that goal,” he says. And 90 percent of people who know they are positive, in addition to undergoing treatment, should be able to reduce the presence of the virus in the body until it is almost no longer detectable and thus end the infection: “In Germany, that figure it is above 90 percent. In our Sexual Health Center we are even 98 percent. But we still have to reach the two previous goals “, explains Brockmeyer, who thinks that self-test is a good tool to achieve it.

If the presence of the virus is detected, an appropriate treatment can be applied. In many cases, it can improve the quality of life of those affected, and even lengthen the prognosis of life. “If we reach more people who have contracted the infection through self-testing, we can offer them treatment. And the treatment we have is excellent, for example, which is based on retroviral therapies, “says the researcher. Therefore, his call is “Submit to the test. Live more time Live better. “

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