200 Pakistani stuck in Turkey:A message we received

200 Pakistani stuck in Turkey:A message we received


Due to corona novel  200 Pakistanis are currently stuck up in Turkey with limited options 

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As there are more than Pakistanis stuck up in  Turkey ,their visas are expired and they don’t have money to live in Istanbul anymore as hotels and restaurants.

Rava.pk received a  message from one of passenger stuck in there and here it says

I am Syed Omar Wasim a stranded passenger from istanbul. I landed in Istanbul on 18th of March and after that situation in Pakistan and Turkey got really bad, they have imposed bans on international flights and because of that a lot of Pakistani citizens are stuck in istanbul. I myself came here to visit my wife who is a PHD student here in Turkey but because of the worse situation here i want to go back to my homeland along with my fellow citizens. I have a flight scheduled on 17th of April but due to closure of Airspace we don’t know what will happen as situation regarding corona is getting worse day by day and we fear we will also be stuck. We being responsible citizens are taking tough measures to stay away from the deadly virus and all of us have quarantined themselves and restricted our movements for the safe side.
We are almost 200 people stuck in istanbul and trying to reach Pakistan as soon as possible as we are running out of resources. Here we have to pay daily hotel rent, shortage of medicine and other resources. Istanbul is also partially locked down now and we have no idea when things will return to normal. AMong the 200 people we have elderly citizens, kids and women. We have been consistently in contact with the Pakistan Embassy but unfortunately no good news so far even our government is not sure on the opening of airspace so that passengers could check for having alternative measures. The concerning thing is that the cases in turkey is rising very quickly and its becoming very hard for us to keep us safe. Please if you have the capacity raise our concerns to the authorities and draw their attention or else we will be stuck here for God knows how much long. Please help us in this regard and get us out of this horrific situation as soon as possible we will be grateful to all the authorities, Consulate of Istanbul and all the media people who are raising our voice in such pandemic situation.


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