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Coronavirus shutdowns leave 200 Pakistani stuck in Turkey with few options


Amid an uncertain situation brought on by Covid-induced curbs and shutdowns, a number of Pakistani workers are forced to stay in the country indefinitely

Fahmidah Yousfi

According to the details around  200 Pakistanis are  stuck in Turkey with few options as Corona novels hit globally. As flight operations have been suspended the Pakistani travellers are in a fix they are running out of money and its difficult for them to manage their daily expenses living in there.

The passenger Syed Omar while speaking with informed

We are almost 200 people stuck in istanbul and trying to reach Pakistan as soon as possible as we are running out of resources. Here we have to pay daily hotel rent, shortage of medicine and other resources. Istanbul is also partially locked down now and we have no idea when things will return to normal. AMong the 200 people we have elderly citizens, kids and women. We have been consistently in contact with the Pakistan Embassy but unfortunately no good news so far even our government is not sure on the opening of airspace so that passengers could check for having alternative measures. ”

Muhammad Farhan, a Pakistani tourist stranded in Istanbul, said: “I fear that long stay in Istanbul can put me into a financial trouble as I have to pay extra hotel rent and manage all my other living expenses.”

Muhammad Raza Shah, an intern in Istanbul, said that he had already spent 300$ on accommodation. “Now I don’t have more money to pay my rent and meet other expenses. The hotels here also refuse to accept us as guests,” he added.

Umair Haroon, another stranded passenger said, “I was in Izmir and I came to Istanbul to catch up a flight, but it was cancelled, when Pakistan suspended all international flights.”

When contacted, the Pakistani consulate in Istanbul refused request for comment.

While speaking exclusively with Pakistan foreign spokesperson Dr Ayesha Farooqi stated that

“Our Embassy in Ankara and in Istanbul are doing their best to help our nationals there with all their needs food medicine accommodation and everything else possible. They are also in touch with Turkish authorities for their visa issues. “


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