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CAS International Squash Championship to kick off today


Excitement is building as Pakistan Squash Federation in collaboration with Pakistan Air Force, is all set for the inaugural ceremony of CAS Serena Hotels International Men & Serena Hotels Combaxx Sports International Women Squash Championships at Mushaf Squash Complex, Islamabad.

The opening ceremony is scheduled to be held today at 1500 Hrs, whereas the championship finals would be played on 23rd October. A total of 48 players from 16 countries including Germany, Spain, Egypt, Singapore, Austria, Malaysia, Serbia, USA, Brasil, Hungary, England, Qatar, Czech Republic, Iran, Kuwait & Pakistan will be participating in Men & Women events.

Bringing together all the top class players of the world, the stage is all set to bring sensational and jaw dropping matches for the audience and squash lovers. In addition to ensuring aerial defence of Pakistan, PAF regularly contributes in nation building efforts by organizing such tournaments to provide opportunity for players from all across the world to challenge their mental and physical toughness.

The event would project the game of squash on both national and international levels in addition to promoting the soft image of the country.

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