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Stay Home :Eid in a pandemic is not going to be the same


Eid in a pandemic is not going to be the same.

The government of Pakistan has announced Eid holidays with Stay Safe Stay Home guidelines that entail preventive measures for the citizens to curb the spread of the virus.

Eid is always very happening with everyday shopping, application of henna on chaand raat, hugs from friends and family, delicious sheer khormas, collection of eidi, and dressing up to our finest selves. But, ever since the pandemic has hit the world, the excitement of Eid has diminished with the hope that the next Eid makes up for the loss of this one.

Pandemic has brought loss to hundreds of families that they cannot recover from – the loss of loved ones. It is heart-wrenching that as we await delicious sheer khormas on a dining table, there are families who will be missing their loved ones and reminiscing their good times with the departed souls on the occasion. Indeed, this is one incomprehendable pain.

A year down the lane, COVID-19 has not bid farewell to the world. Yes, we cannot give Eid hugs to our beloveds or visit our relatives but we can have a good time with immediate family members. During times like these, we as a country, cannot afford to throw Eid parties.

Eid is a moment of celebration but it does not imply the violation of SOPs. It is the time we realize that now the time to stay safe stay at home. Because, when a person contracts this virus, it’s not him or her who suffers it is the entire family who struggles through the pain. All we can do to stop it this Eid is stay at home and share happiness within the family.

From our  Family, we wish you all a very happy, prosperous, and peaceful Eid with the hope that we all respect the SOPs and stay home.

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