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Emirates to broaden their services in Pakistan


RAWALPINDI: The Emirates expands its passenger service to and from Pakistan on 10 August, providing improved connectivity via Dubai to more than 70 destinations within the existing network.

An Emirates spokesman said on Monday that the airline was set to ramp up its flight frequencies to and from Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Sialkot and resume passenger service to Peshawar, ensuring greater connectivity for its growing network to its customers around the world.

The airline will now offer customers 53 weekly flights to Pakistan, rising to 60 weekly flights from August 16. Boeing 777-300ER can perform all flights and can be booked at emirates.com or via travel agents.

The airline will operate 21 weekly flights to Karachi (up to 28 weekly flights from August 16), 10 weekly flights to Islamabad, seven weekly flights to Sialkot, 10 weekly Lahore flights, and five weekly Peshawar flights.

The airline reminded its passengers that travel restrictions remained in effect, and passengers would only be allowed on all these flights if they met the eligibility and entry criteria requirements.

As the city has reopened for inter-national business and leisure visitors, customers can stop or travel to Dubai. It said that Covid-19 PCR tests were mandatory for all inbound and transit passengers arriving in Dubai (and the UAE), including UAE citizens, residents and visitors, regardless of the country where they were coming from.

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