Health reforms to continue despite resistance: PM


Prime Minister Imran Khan affirmed that, despite resistance by certain forces, the reform process in the health sector will continue to allow the poor to receive quality healthcare facilities in government-run hospitals.

“I wonder as to why the health department employees are resisting the reform process which aims to improve hospitals where the have-nots are seeking treatment. The Medical Teaching Institutions Reform Act 2015 implemented by the KP government is going to bring much-needed improvement in patients’ care,” he told a ceremony after inaugurating the newly-built Surgical and Allied Services Block at Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar on Monday.

“There would be no going back on the health reforms as these are extremely necessary to change the decades-old rotten health system,” the prime minister said.

The new hospital block was far better than private hospitals, he said, adding that the structure needed to be strengthened and public interest in government-run hospitals restored.

The reforms enforced in the health sector were designed to pave the way for transparency and a system of regulation and balance where performers would be rewarded and those showing laxity would face action, he said.

“Merit is the basic criterion to ensure development all over the world. China is the best example of development due to following principles of merit. Meritocracy leads to justice and transparency. No system can work effectively without merit,” he said.

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