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Hearing adjourned after PM Khan’s briefing to SC on headway made in APS attack case


After being summoned by the Supreme Court on Wednesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan briefed the top court on the headway made in the Army Public School (APS) attack case.

During the last hearing of the case, the Supreme Court had asked the attorney general to inform the bench regarding measures taken by the government to address the grievances of the martyred children’s parents.

The premier was accompanied by Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid and Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry.

At the podium, the prime minister stated that he reached Peshawar as soon as he could after the attack occurred.

The chief justice then asked the prime minister about the steps taken by the state to provide justice to the parents of APS martyrs.

Upon the response of the premier that he wasn’t the head of the state at that time, the CJP asked the PM that what necessary steps has the government taken to bring criminals to justice.

According to Justice Gulzar, the court has no input in the prime minister’s policy decisions and the bench demands justifications for why the culprits are free and haven’t been tracked down after the years of the massacre. Upon this demand, Khan replied that the PTI was in power in KP and managed to take all the necessary steps.

With respect to the report, Justice Ejazul Hassan remarked that there haven’t been any special measures adding to that the CJP said that it is in the constitution of Pakistan that the state is responsible for the protection of its people.

Moreover, the premier said that 80000 people were martyred in the war against terror, and at that time, he claimed that this was America’s war and Pakistan shouldn’t interfere and should remain neutral to which Justice Qazi Amin replied that there is no need to go back in time.

The PM replied, “We made a National Action Plan after the tragedy. We won the war because the whole nation stood with Pakistan Army. We have formed the National Intelligence Coordination Committee which is looking into the matter.”

The court adjourned the hearing and ordered the government to get to the bottom of this matter and find the criminals of the APS attack.


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