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How you can celebrate Eid amidst lockdown


Eid-ul-Fitr is all about celebrations and colors. These are the celebrations that keep us all united.

Every year on Eid day, we give tight hugs to our loved ones, wait for our favorite sheer khorma, collect eidis from our elders, and ready to head out to meet our friends and family.

These are our beautiful traditions that have become an essential part of our yearly celebration. But, amidst the chaos created in the world by COVID-19, it is sad how we cannot celebrate Eid the way we always do.

Social distancing and staying home is necessary unless it is super important. This is not how we imagined celebrating our Eids until the pandemic hit us and shook the world. But that does not mean that we cannot have a good time this Eid.

Here’s how you can celebrate your Eid keeping the SOPs intact.

  1. Ofcourse, during this time of crisis, you can’t visit your relatives but you can video call them. Make the best use of technology and wish Eid greetings to your friends and family. Gather them on Zoom and House Party and enjoy a little virtual celebration this time.
  2. Is Eid even complete without food? Enjoy Eid dinners and lunches with your family members and gain a few pounds you may have shed during Ramadan.
  3. Eid is about gifts and eidis. Even though you cannot physically exchange gifts with your loved ones, you can send them via courier services.
  4. If you feel like your Eid lacks colors and enthusiasm, play a movie or your favorite show and have a good laugh with your family.

This year our Eid might be different but we must understand that this is a essential because thousands of lives depend on our actions during the pandemic. Follow SOPs, eat, have fun, and remember those who have lost their beloveds this year.

Eid Mubarak to all of you!

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