‘Highest rainfall recorded during unprecedented cloudburst in Clifton, DHA’


Karachi’s upscale areas — Defense Housing Authority (DHA) and Clifton — received 245 millimeters (mm) of rain on 27 August during the recent record-breaking monsoon rains, according to a private meteorologist.

Because of the unprecedented rainfalll, most of the metropolis, including posh suburbs, remained submerged in rainwater and faced power outages, forcing many to flee their homes to move to safer places.

Jawad Memon, who runs an unofficial weather station, said DHA and Clifton have reported 136 mm of rain per hour due to cloudburst.

A total downpour of 245 mm was reported using weather radar system installed in the metropolis’ upscale areas, he added.

There was no rain observatory or weather station in DHA and Clifton built by the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) so the real-time rain data could not be complied from the areas.

Private weathermen like Jawad measures rainfall in areas where the PMD doesn’t have weather equipment built. Jawad said that in 2016 he built the first weather station in DHA Phase I and in 2018 the second in Clifton which he described as “the most advanced”

“It is equipped with about 7 extremely powerful sensors, which enables it records highly authentic rainfall data in millimetres,” he added.

The highest rainfall of 223 mm on August 27 was reported in the area of PAF Base Faisal, according to an official statistic. However, DHA and Clifton recorded the highest rainfall of 245 mm according to unofficial data.

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