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How to Celebrate Independence Day Amid COVID-19 Challenges


14th August is not just another holiday that you can spend sleeping. It is the day of our independence and it should be celebrated with love, zeal, and patriotism. Unfortunately, with COVID-19 challenges we have been forced to stay home for justified reasons. But this doesn’t mean that your patriotism should take a back seat. Don’t lose hope, there is a lot you can do for 14th August following the SOPs for COVID-19.

1.      Patriotic Films or Series

Instead of spending your day watching an action thriller, this Independence Day, watch patriotic movies or dramas with your friends and family. Screen them on projectors. You have no idea how much you will learn about the history and sacrifices people have made to make the independence happen.

2.      Decorate Your Home

Remember back in childhood when you used to decorate your home with flags. Where is that enthusiasm now?

This year, when you will be staying home on 14th August, decorate your home with flags and green and white lights. Hoist the national flag on your roof. Gather your friends, get the crafting ideas from the internet and DO IT! Trust me, it will be fun.

3.      Play National Songs

To get the mood on, play some national songs. That’s the thing about national songs: whenever you listen to them you feel a sudden sense of patriotism for the country. Listen to golden era’s mili naghmas with your parents.

Don’t forget our beloved national anthem. You just can’t get on the day without a dose of the national anthem in the morning.

4.      Wear Green and White

This is the prerequisite to celebrate Independence Day. You must start your day by changing your clothes to green and white. Wear a badge, t-shirt, wrist bands, bangles, and so on. When you wear green and white, it gives such a nice patriotic feel.

5.      Share Independence Day Stories

It is the best day to learn more about our country and the struggles of people during that time. Plan a quiz to enlighten people. The best way to do is to involve your parents and grandparents in it. Their stories will be an eye-opener for you.

One thing is for sure, this 14th August will not be the same but there is so much you can do by staying at home. Remember our war with COVID-19 is not over yet, we have to stay socially distant but this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on Independence Day. Just follow the SOPs and you are good to go.

Stay safe, stay home. From our Arpatech Family, A very Happy Independence Day.


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