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Partial lockdown in Sindh with main focus on Karachi


CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah held a press conference today in which he gave details regarding the coronavirus situation in the province, primarily Karachi, and the rapid spread of the Delta variant.

CM said that the lockdown being put into practice now is not as severe as the one that was in place last year in March, and gave credit to the swift and steadfast lockdown in March 2020 as being one of the primary reasons for covid infections not overwhelming the province.

This lockdown will be in place till the 9th of August and will be particularly focusing the retail industry in the city. Essential services will be open. Food and food related industry will be open, restaurants will only be allowed delivery, no take away, dine in or outside. Health facilities will remain open, so will bakeries, meat and vegetable shops and grocery. Vaccination centers will function as usual.

Banks are not under our jurisdiction but we will certainly request that they operate with minimal staff. Same with the ports, said CM Sindh.

Petrol pumps will remain open, media persons with masks are allowed. Utility companies and municipal services will not come under lockdown. There will be no examinations next week; all exams must be postponed till after the lockdown is lifted.

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