PIA Flight Carrying Medical Supplies by WHO Lands in Afghanistan


Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane carrying desperately-needed medicines and health supplies by the World Health Organization (WHO) for Taliban-held Afghanistan has landed in the country. This is the first shipment after the Taliban seized the war-scarred country and the hospitals and clinics started running out of the basic health supplies after a deadly Kabul airport attack.

Mandhari appreciated the unflinching efforts for restocking the health facilities in Afghanistan. He also thanked Pakistan for cooperation and Boeing 777 by PIA for the delivery. The plane was provided by the Pakistani government departed from Dubai to Mazar-i-sharif airport. With three flights allotted on the same mission, it was the first one with PIA to recover from the urgent shortfall of medical supplies in the war-torn country.

The 12.5 tons of supplies are enough for 200,000 people providing 3,5000 surgical procedures, trauma kits, and emergency health kits to treat 65,000 trauma patients.

Moreover, the WHO has told the medical supplies will only last till Friday and announced that it hoped to construct an air bridge into the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif with support from Pakistan.

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