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PM Imran welcomes millions back to school on 15 Sept.


Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Monday that it is the government’s priority and the collective duty of the nation to ensure that every child can safely go to school as educational institutes set up to open on September 15 after a six-month closure due to Covid-19.

The country’s educational institutions will begin reopening in phases from tomorrow, following a spike in new case numbers for coronavirus, ending a long closure that led to the cancellation of exams and the introduction of online classes by a number of institutions.

The Prime Minister, welcoming millions of children back to school, assured the people that the government has sought to ensure that school operations complied with the coronavirus guidelines on public health.

“Higher education institutions and senior school classes will reopen on September 15, class six till eight will open again on September 23, and on September 30 primary classes will reopen,” Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood said earlier.

The education minister had cautioned against punitive action against educational institutions not following precautionary measures. For the first time in five months after being closed to stop the spread of coronavirus, Pakistan opened gyms, salons and dine-in restaurants earlier this month.

He had reiterated that the decision would be applied to both public and private sector educational institutions, in addition to vocational centres and religious seminaries, “which would enable millions of students to resume studies after a hiatus of around six months”.

He further said the government had to consider taking hard calls during the lockdown period, which included promoting about four million high school students to their next classes.

Expressing his gratitude to the parents of students for showing perseverance during the hard times, he urged the teachers and school administration to comply completely with the government and to ensure that the anti-Covid SOPs complied with their insinuations.

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