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PM Khan and Russian President Putin exchange views on latest developments in Afghanistan


Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Russian President discussed the latest developments of Afghanistan. The leaders spoke to each other via phone call for the second time in a month and exchanged views on the collaboration of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Khan highlighted that Afghans shouldn’t be abandoned during this critical time as the country is in dire need of humanitarian assistance.

Khan had a phone call conversation with Putin the last month where he emphasized the importance of peace in the war-stricken neighboring country and enforcing regional security and prosperity. He added that the international community must unite to provide aid to Afghanistan and that the strong ties between Pakistan and Russia can be of critical importance for the war-scarred country.

The two leaders discussed the strengthening of trade and investments and energy cooperation are one of the bases of the relationship between Pakistan and Russia as the relationship between the two countries is on an upward trajectory. Khan and Putin agreed to stay in close contact to discuss concerns in the future. Moreover, Khan extended his invitation to the Russian President to visit Pakistan.

Do you think these talks will help the current situation in Afghanistan?

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