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PM orders the release of women in jail in accordance with top court order


On Wednesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered authorities concerned to promptly implement the Supreme Court order relating to the release of women prisoners under trial and convicted.

The Premier has asked the release of under trial and convicted women prisoners who meet the conditions of an order passed in April by apex court. He has also demanded immediate reports for humanitarian consideration on migrant prisoners and women on the death row.

The prime minister vowed that all expenses for freeing women prisoners whose remaining sentence was less than three years would be paid by the government and served imprisonment because of the non-payment of small fines, the source said.

The prime minister directed the provinces and other authorities to generate funds through Baitul Mal and departments of social welfare to pay fines for the women prisoners so they could be released immediately.

“I have asked for immediate implementation of SC order 299/2020 for release of under-trial women prisoners and convicted women prisoners who fulfill criteria of SC order,” he tweeted.

He also asked for “immediate reports on foreign women prisoners and women on death row for humanitarian consideration”

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