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Flight Tactical Exercise “Anatolian Eagle-2023” Kicks Off In Konya, Turkiye


03 May, 2023: The opening ceremony of Anatolian Eagle 2023, International Flight Tactical Exercise was held in Konya, Turkiye. Pakistan Air Force contingent, consisting of F-16 fighter jets along with the air and ground crew is also among the exercise participants.
Anatolian Eagle is an annual exercise which is being hosted by the Turkish Air Force. The exercise is one of the largest and most complex joint air force exercises in the world which aims at promoting interoperability between participating nations while providing an opportunity for shared learning. The exercise mimics a realistic aerial war and provides a real-time opportunity for the participating Air Forces to test their operational readiness. Other than Pakistan and Turkiye, the Air Forces of five other countries, including Azerbaijan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom are participating in the seventh consecutive edition of the exercise.
In the face of challenging contemporary strategic situations and growing complexity in the security environment, such exercises will leverage PAF as an opportunity to enhance its interoperability with friendly nations.

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