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IoBM Celebrates 25th Annual Convocation; 1374 Degrees Awarded


Karachi, December 10, 2022 – The Institute of Business Management (IoBM), Karachi, held its 25th Convocation at its Korangi Creek Campus on Saturday, December 10, 2022. 1,374 graduates from numerous departments were conferred educational degrees at the ceremony this year which marks the Silver Jubilee convocation of IoBM.

The Chief Guest, Governor Sindh, Kamran Tessori graced the event with his presence. He was accompanied by Guest of Honor, Muhammad Aurangzeb, President, and CEO, Habib Bank Limited, and Keynote Speaker Mr. Abid Vazir, Director and COO, Cherat Packaging Limited.

In his welcome address, IoBM President, Talib S. Karim congratulated the graduates on their success while aspiring them for the future ahead. He quoted the vision of the late founding President of IoBM, Mr. Shahjehan S. Karim, who envisioned establishing a business school imparting quality education. Mr. Talib extended a deep gratitude to members of the Board of Governors for their continuous support. He also acknowledged the Executive Director Ms. Sabina Mohsin’s hard work over the past 27 years in paving the way for the institute to host successful convocations year after year. Closing his speech, he advised the graduates to be respectful towards their parents and follow the path of IoBM alumni who have done remarkably well in the corporate sector.

The chief guest Mr. Kamran Tessori in his speech stated that the youth are the foundation that this great nation is built. He emphasized: “In the form of IoBM, Shahjahan S. Karim has given this country a great educational institution which has become a pride for Pakistan. Today, as you graduate from this auspicious university, it is crucial to embrace and portray the positive side of Pakistan as you step into the corporate world. The nation today needs good human beings who are educated and intellectual. It is crucial that as future leaders, you don’t get divided by ethnicity but take charge as Quaid e Azam had envisioned.”

Addressing the gathering, Chancellor IoBM, Mr. Bashir Jan Muhammad expressed his sentiments stating: “I see before me the generation of the future. The founder of the nation stated that the job of building the nation lies upon your shoulders. It is time to control your destiny, dream higher and reach for impressive milestones in your career.”

While inspiring the graduates to become change makers of the future, Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb said that at every turn in life, individuals must ask themselves if what they are doing is helping people and making their lives easier. It is great to be successful in your chosen fields and have illustrious careers, but it is one of life’s greatest blessings to become a good human being. He encouraged the graduating batch to be humble, patient, and strive for the stars while practicing ‘Confident Humility’.

The Keynote Speaker, Mr. Abid Vazir lauded the graduates, noting: “You are graduating from an institution that has prepared you well for the challenges that lie ahead. You are entering a new chapter in your life in an exciting world that is full of challenges and opportunities amplified by social media and the connection revolution. The dynamic corporate world outside is open for passionate individuals, intent on carving their own paths and taking initiative. So develop your leadership skills and don’t sit back on your laurels.”

The students who were part of the graduating batch this year received their degrees in business administration as well as other relevant disciplines. 18 gold medals were also awarded to the highest achievers within their respective programs. 38 students were awarded merit certifications at the occasion as well.


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