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Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training launches its Teacher Professional Development Pilot Program in twenty-six clusters in partnership with government of Sindh


The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training and the Government of Sindh is proud to announce the successful completion of a joint, two-day teacher training program for Guide Teachers and Subject-Coordinators of Karachi East District. This training marks the beginning of the Teacher Professional Development Pilot across the Karachi, Hyderabad, and Sukkur Divisions. The two-day event was designed to train teachers in the effective usage of a Classroom Observation Tool and to think as a community of practitioners.

The event was held at Sindh HEC in Karachi. Dr. Mariam Chughtai, Project Director National Curriculum Council Secretariat, and Dr. Fatima Dar led the training with teachers from government schools of Karachi East District. The participating subject coordinators and guide teachers were from the following clusters from Karachi: Chanesar Goth, Jat Land Lines, Gulzar-e-Hijri, Akhtar Colony, Gujhro, and Jamshed Quarters.

“The job of a Guide Teacher is to facilitate, to understand, and to connect with subject coordinators and teachers to improve and cover any gaps in pedagogy. Creating a collaborative learning environment allows for genuine Teacher Professional Development.”, Dr. Fatima Dar.

The conversations in the training room around areas such as teacher agency, role clarity, best teaching practices, and creating engaging and effective classroom environments provided valuable data on the need to invest in the professional growth of teachers. Participants appreciated that they were given the opportunity to share their current experiences and future expectations from the education departments.

“The training really helped us understand what is expected of us as Subject Coordinators and gave us the opportunity to share insights from teachers in our vicinity who face similar problems as us”, mentioned a Subject Coordinator from GaddapTown.

The joint Teacher’s Professional Development training was extremely productive, with both participants and trainers providing valuable feedback and insights on how more collaborative efforts can lead to the improvement of teacher professional development in Pakistan.



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