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Pakistan Navy Demonstrated Fire Power In Arabian Sea Amid Bilateral Naval Drills With UAE Navy


Karachi, 30 Oct 22:   Pakistan Navy and United Arab Emirates (UAE) Navy conducted a bilateral exercise NASL AL BAHR-IV at Karachi. The exercise comprised of advance level naval operations including a practical demonstration of Live Weapons Firings (LWF). Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi and Head of UAE Naval Training Brigadier Staff Abdulla Sultan witnessed the LWF at the North Arabian Sea.

The exercise NASL AL BAHR is the fourth edition among the two navies aimed to enhance interoperability, display operational readiness and consolidate existing strong bilateral relations in Naval Operations. The hallmark of the exercise was Live Weapon Firings by both Navy Surface and Aviation platforms. All units successfully engaged the respective targets.

On the occasion, the Chief of the Naval Staff expressed his complete satisfaction with the immaculate war preparedness of the Pakistan Navy against the entire spectrum of threats. He also lauded the successful conduct of joint LWF by Pakistan and UAE Navy which has strategically underscored strong brotherly relations between the two countries.

Professional experience gained by both navies during the exercise has been profoundly rewarding and will foster existing bonds between the two navies.



Director General Public Relations (Navy)



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