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Sindh Government and Aga Khan University Hospital Join Forces for Life Saving Project


Karachi (02.06.23): Sindh Minister Health and Population Welfare, Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho held a press conference to increase awareness regarding a project being implemented in partnership with Aga Khan University Hospital.

The Press Conference was held at the EPI Hall where DG Health, Dr. Irshad Memon, Founding Director AKUH, Dr. Junaid Razzak and Physician in Lead – Pakistan Life Savers Programme, Dr. Noor Baig.

The Life Savers Programme is a special project for average citizens where they are given life-saving skills that include resuscitation practice and knowledge. Minister Health, Dr. Azra Pechuho said that we want there to be the maximum amount of people to be part of this skills project

Dr Razzak added that ‘The reason for this is that 500 to 600k folks die needlessly because of the absence of these skills. Another setback from lack of this skills awareness is that survival from those situations is usually in a vegetative state.’ He added that ‘we wanted to increase the survival rate from accidents and emergencies and even 1 percent increase in awareness of these skills equals to saving 10 lives a day. In life saving situations the first few minutes are the most crucial as to how to stabilise a life before an ambulance comes.’

Emergency numbers need to be household knowledge and everyone should know 1122 that is the number all over Pakistan. Dr Razzak said that mentally staying calm in emergencies will also be part of the training as well as how to relay information to 1122 when they are called.

Bleeding also needs awareness on how to stop it or at least reduce and treat it. This life saving training course is only 2.5 hours long and so far first responders, police, and schools have been part of this training.

12000 people have been trained under this programme already with 250 master trainers also in every district as well.

People are scared of helping because of law enforcement harassment this programme includes bystander protection laws and this is so that if people help those in mortal danger they will be protected legally.

Dr Noor relayed a very personal & impactful need to implement this project nationwide as every life lost is a cause of misery and suffering for that family.

Minister Health, Dr. Azra Pechuho concluded that the Press have been asked to attend this conference to spread awareness and that media persons should also be trained including camera persons and drivers because they are also part of tumultuous situations that could god forbid result in a tragedy. She also added that police, traffic police etc will also be trained in the programme. can be contacted if you want to volunteer for this training and then trainers will get back to you

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