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Spotify’s Wrapped 2022 Celebration in Pakistan


On Friday, December 02, Spotify hosted the first ever in-person Wrapped event at District 19, a hotspot for gatherings and socializing in Karachi. The Wrapped 2022 dinner was a celebratory event and had selected influencers, artists, labels, and other stakeholders in attendance.

Hosted by Khalid Malik, the event began with Claudius Boller, Managing Director Spotify Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia (excluding India), giving a welcome speech followed by guests enjoying exclusive LIVE performances by DJ Lyla, Khatra Music, and Talal Qureshi, and toasting to the exciting new year ahead.

Speaking at the occasion Claudius said, “We realized quickly that the quality of music that is being created in Pakistan has great potential to travel globally and this is reflected on our platform. To help unlock more opportunities for Pakistani creators we launched our programs RADAR, EQUAL, and our playlist Fresh Finds, further nurturing the growth of Pakistani music domestically and beyond.”

“Wrapped, for me personally, is a very special and proud moment of celebration at the end of the year. Wrapped reminds us how unique we all are because at Spotify we really have 456 million different versions of Spotify tailored for you, and so is Wrapped,” he added.

This year’s Wrapped is both a celebration of a year gone by and an invitation to join in on the fun.  Eligible users can also access their personalized 2022 Wrap To enjoy the Wrapped experience, head over to spotify.com/wrapped.








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