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TECNO’s Camon 19 Pro blows the competition out of the water with its features!


TECNO’s Camon 19 Pro is a fantastic device, which provides some of the best features in its price segment. This device is the ultimate amalgamation of futuristic technology and amazing design language. The looks of this device are flawless. So flawless, that this phone has won the iF Design Awards 2022. The Camon 19 Pro is offered in a Mondrian edition as well, which has a special color-changing feature. This means that this is one of those few devices on the market, which can change its back color under direct sunlight using photo chromatic isomer technology! This brilliant engineering feat won this award the Muse Design Awards! Mondrian Artwork inspired the back design.

The Camon 19 Pro, offers a main camera lens of 64MP which features the world’s first RGBW (G+P) lens, which allows the device to take in more light to process, resulting in better low-light photography! This lens is a technological breakthrough for photographers and videographers who need a device, which can give them a tough time with professional cameras. There is a 32MP dedicated selfie camera as well which has an advanced lens for the best results! The star of the show is the 50MP dedicated portrait lens with 2X zoom, this allows you to take the best portrait pictures on the go with amazing Bokeh effects!

Moreover, there are certain modes on this device, which allow you to channel your inner photographer. The Pro Camera mode, allows you to change your exposure, and white light balance among other things to take the best pictures!

The Camon 19 Pro is such a unique phone, it offers all the latest features you could want in a smartphone. The 120 HZ refresh rate means lighting fast gaming and processing. Pair this refresh rate with a MediaTek Helio G96 Processor and you have the ultimate gaming machine as well! Of course, we know how games are processing intensive these days and devices need a bigger battery. To counter this, TECNO has fitted the Camon 19 Pro with a huge 5000 mAh battery, which can be fast charged using a 33W charger! This means you can use your device for extended hours and can charge it efficiently – saving you time!

The TECNO Camon 19 Pro and 19 Pro Mondrian are available in offline markets for PKR 49,999 and PKR 51,999 respectively.


Camon 19 Pro is a fusion of Futuristic design and Advanced Features!

Camon 19 Pro Series provides the best value for money!

TECNO’s Camon 19 Pro Series is set to give its competitors a run for their money!




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